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Modern paint's and plaster's require one optimal
surface preparation with adequate primers .

With BITEX Company primers , prepared for your special
need's can be treated the surfaces wich are going to get
painted with high quality and safe product's 

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BITEX  L.L.C produces dispersion paints, plaster and primer, with modern technology and laboratory for analyses. Production is made and controlled under leading (management) of German expert. it is German – Kosovar joint venture.

Vragoli 12000 Fushë Kosovë
Tel: +381 38 60 77 70

Fax:+381 38 60 77 80 

Bitex GmbH Deutschland
Bitex GmbH Odenwaldstrasse 7
63762 Großostheim
phone:+49 6026-99 19 996
fax: + 49 6026 - 99 19 9956

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